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Double Tuck Large Felt Basket


  IVA Incluido

Felt rises to the occasion in these cleverly designed soft storage baskets. Tabs and slots are used to transform flat cut felt to functional and fetching repositories for magazines, mail, knitting supplies and small house pets. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

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Disponible – se envía en 4-5 semanas
Disponible – se envía en 4-5 semanas
Disponible – se envía en 4-5 semanas

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del producto

•  100% felted wool
•  Assembly required
Información de Envio

• Returns are not accepted unless there is a manufacturing defect or shipping damage on the product.
•  In the case that you receive product with damage, this needs to be brought to our attention within 24 hours of receiving the product.
•  Product warranty is for one year starting on the purchase date, and only covers manufacturing defects.

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