Sustainable by design.

Our path to responsible craftmanship.

We believe our designs are only truly good when they’re good for everyone. That means being aware of our impact and making responsible choices now and in the future. From the durability of our pieces to the materials we use, the spaces we’re in and the company we keep—we continue to scrutinize how we operate in every area.

Our design principles.

Creating designs that endure.

Choosing the right materials.

Carefully considering every detail.

Maintaining high standards.

Holding us all accountable.

Our internal commitments.

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

Goal highlights.

Accomplishing our sustainability goals will take time, focus and ongoing efforts, but we’re in it for the long haul.


Use 100% sustainably sourced wood in all products by 2026.

Current progress:
100% of our current teak is FSC® certified.


Reduce foam in packaging.

Current progress:
75% of our packing contains less than 5% foam and by 2026, 60% of collections will have zero foam.


Lower VOCs with 100% of products passing Intertek Gold or Silver Standard.

Current progress:
57% of products are certified Clean Air Gold or Silver. By 2027, 85% of products will have gone through the certification process.