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Strut X-Large Table


This table is dope.

Estructura y diseño van de la mano con el Strut. Actitud orgullosa para cualquier reunión. Conferencia de 10 personas, cena para 8, o un enérgico escritorio para uno. Disponible en color marfil (ivory), azul marino (navy), plomo (slate), sandía (watermelon) o blanco. Estructura de acero de polvo electroestático con un acabado MDF en la parte superior de poliuretano de alta resistencia.

Consigue la colección entera Strut Collection.

Strut X-Large Table


Product Details

•  Lacado sobre sustrato de derivados de madera con acabado brillante de poliuretano
•  Patas de acero de polvo electroestático

Design Story:

The Strut Collection

Designed 2005

How can you make the most from the least? That was sort of the exercise in designing Strut. Since this design started as a large table for dining or office use, we wanted to create a really generous top with the most minimal of frames. The triangular “strut” on the underside of the table provides most of the structure, prevents the top from sagging in the middle and as a side benefit, looks cool as the central design element. Making Strut monochromatic was an intentional decision to put all the emphasis on its form. Who was that cat that said, “less is more”?

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