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    • yb1-daybpt-bh 34-daybench-putty-blush 1
    • yb1-daybpt-bh 34 high-daybench-putty-blush 1
    • yb1-daybpt-bh side-daybench-putty-blush 1
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    • yb1-daybpt-gg 34 high-daybench-putty-grey-green 2
    • yb1-daybpt-gg side-daybench-putty-grey-green 2
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  IVA Incluido

This is a bench. A really beautifully proportioned and well executed bench. It does not connect to the internet, disrupt industry or reimagine a damn thing. It’s just good. Daybench Jumbo also available.

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Fecha estimada de disponibilidad 08/17/18
Fecha estimada de disponibilidad 08/17/18
Fecha estimada de disponibilidad 07/30/18
Fecha estimada de disponibilidad 07/06/18

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•  Powder-coated steel base
•  Ink Leather: An aniline leather with a soft matte finish and velvety feel
•  Blush / Grey Green Leather: A full aniline leather that will burnish and patina with wear; Features subtle shading and a high level of natural markings
•  Natural characteristics will be visible enhancing the character of the leather; Color variation is a signature to the authenticity of natural leather.
•  Some assembly required

Información de Envio

• Returns are not accepted unless there is a manufacturing defect or shipping damage on the product.
•  In the case that you receive product with damage, this needs to be brought to our attention within 24 hours of receiving the product.
•  Product warranty is for one year starting on the purchase date, and only covers manufacturing defects.

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