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Real Good Barstool


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Super Good Barstool was already taken.

Aquí está. Piezas planos de polvo electroestático se pliegan sobre líneas cortadas a láser para crear una silla cómoda y dinámica. Tan delgada como una supermodelo pero mucho más robusta. También disponible en copper.

Consigue la colección entera Real Good Collection.

Real Good Barstool

Product Dimensions

Product Details

•  Asiento de acero de polvo electroestático & back
•  Patas de acero pintadas al carbón

Design Story:

The Real Good Chair Collection

Designed 2007

Shipping chairs all over the world costs money and wastes resources. That’s because chairs inside a box are mostly air, and as a result, you can’t fit many of those boxes onto a truck. With the Real Good Chair, we figured out a way to make a great chair that ships in an oversized pizza box. Real Good is made from bent tubing and sheet metal that has been specially perforated to allow the user to take a flat piece and make it three-dimensional by folding on the “dotted line.” Metal origami. The natural flex in the steel gives the chair surprising comfort. And the faceted look of the chair – derived entirely from solving an economic problem – makes its own statement.

Designing stuff we love.
Every day here in Minneapolis.

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