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    • cm1-stlday-rd 34 common-stool-flw-red-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-rd 34 high common-stool-flw-red-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-rd side common-stool-flw-red-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-bl 34 common-stool-marine-blue-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-bl 34 high common-stool-marine-blue-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-bl side common-stool-marine-blue-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-wh 34 common-stool-white-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-wh 34 high common-stool-white-day-leather
    • cm1-stlday-wh side common-stool-white-day-leather

Common Leather Stool


  IVA Incluido

Deceptively simple but far from ordinary, the Common Stool marries a thick natural leather sling and unfussy steel powder-coated base.

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Disponible – se envía en 4-5 semanas
Disponible – se envía en 4-5 semanas
Disponible – se envía en 4-5 semanas
Disponible – se envía en 4-5 semanas

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•  Powder-coated steel base with rubber feet; Leather sling seat
•  Ships fully assembled
Información de Envio

• Returns are not accepted unless there is a manufacturing defect or shipping damage on the product.
•  In the case that you receive product with damage, this needs to be brought to our attention within 24 hours of receiving the product.
•  Product warranty is for one year starting on the purchase date, and only covers manufacturing defects.

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